Instructor contact information

Jean-Philippe Labbé
Arnimallee 2, Room 103
familyname at math dot fu-berlin dot de

Seminar Schedule

Tuesdays from 14:00 to 16:00 in Arnimallee 2, Seminar Room


This seminar will continue the study of the concepts related to enumerative combinatorics and discrete structures related to the class Discrete Mathematics 1. It will cover various topics among the following:

Algebraic Methods
Species, Group actions, Polya Theory, Tutte polynomial of graphs
Linear Algebra Methods
Lindström-Gessel-Viennot lemma, Kirchhoff's Matrix-Tree Theorem
Generating Functions
Species Theory, Polynomials, Quasi-polynomials, Transfer-Matrix method
Facial enumeration of simplicial complexes
Sperner and Erdös-Ko-Rado Theorems, Kruskal-Katona-Schutzenberger Theorem, Frankl-Furedi-Kalai Theorem,
Posets and Lattices
Boolean Algebras, Tamari and Cambrian Lattices
The more detailed plan of the seminar.


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Seminar Plan

  • Week 1 (Oct. 17): Presentation
  • Week 2 (Oct. 24): Species Theory (JPL)
  • Week 3 (Nov. 7): Group Actions (JPL)
  • Week 4 (Nov. 14): Polya Theory (Evgeniya)
  • Week 5 (Nov. 21): Tutte polynomial of graphs (Konrad)
  • Week 6 (Nov. 28): Lindström-Gessel-Viennot Lemma (Karolina)
  • Week 7 (Dec. 5): Kirchhoff’s Matrix-Tree Theorem (Dennis)
  • Week 8 (Dec. 12): Sperner and Erdös-Ko-Rado Theorems (Claudia)
  • Week 9 (Dec. 19): Kruskal-Katona Theorem (Leo)
  • Week 10 (Jan. 9): Frankl-Furedi-Kalai Theorem (Avail./JPL)
  • Week 11 (Jan. 16): Boolean Algebras and applications (Niall)
  • Week 12 (Jan. 23): Tamari and Cambrian Lattices (Avail./JPL)
  • Week 13 (Jan. 30): Enumeration by Stabilizer Class (Sophia)
  • Week 14 (Feb. 6): Polynomials/Quasi-Polynomials (Avail./JPL)
  • Week 15 (Feb. 13): Transfer-Matrix Method (Avail./JPL)


Books references will be given for the selected topics


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